1998 - 2005
2011 - 2012

SF has a long and proud history, much of it shrouded in mystery. Such is the current nature of the guild that none can say they have been there since the start. Great mystery surrounds the formation of SF. It is thought that it was born out of the remains of another guild, Soul Callers (SC) - by a former member of that guild, Sam, back in 1998. The early SF was plagued by constant inactivity from both the members and its leadership. Sam and his Queen, Acyd, led SF through till around February 1999, at which time Acyd parted company. Very few records exist of SF's history from that time. The game at the time, of course, was Magestorm - designed by Mythic Entertainment, and run by Engage Games Online (which were owned by Interplay).

It was at around May 1999, in Magestorm, that some people took notice of SF and began to help to get it back on its feet. RomBurns, Phaedria and Evilkiller came to the guild under the new joint leadership of Sam and Adonis, to bring the guild back from the brink of collapse. However, this new leadership also proved to be inadequate, to the point where there was no leadership to speak of. RomBurns, therefore, took it upon himself to "take over" the guild himself, this was done with 100% of the remainder of the guilds approval. Sam did not approve, but by which time he had already lost control. SF was now in the hands of someone who would build it as a guild of success but ensuring that it didn't take itself too seriously.

Upon taking control, a provisional council and constitution were constructed. The guild now, as then, follows these principles in its running and structure. While the constitution would set about in writing the various regulations, the council would be in charge of day to day operations and following the principles that the constitution laid out.

Much of the core of SF is the same now as it was in those early days. We have grown together as comrades, but more importantly as friends. We've won together, and we've lost together. In tracing back some of our milestones as a guild, it takes in a great variety of different events, and opponents. While Magestorm was on AOL - we took part in the Magestorm Guild League, finishing joint 1st in the level 1 league, and reaching the playoffs of the 5-15 league. People started to take notice of us.

Magestorm left AOL in 2000 but was taken up by Mythics Game Service in 2001. A lot of us had been spending time in Ultima Online, keeping the guild name alive, and formed a small village on the Chesapeake server, simply named "New Folenn". When Magestorm returned, so did Strike Force, and we set out to do business from the start. We placed joint 3rd in the first MGL run in 2001.

2002 proved tougher for us as activity declined, but picked up again as the community geared up for the territorial-based "Battle for Folenn". The most controversial, heated and ultimately community destroying event that could possibly be conceived. The event will be remembered as much for the controversial decisions from the Ops regarding game results than it will be for the games themselves. Nevertheless, SF acquitted itself well during that event - finishing runners-up as the only other guild undefeated. The alliance we formed with Healers of Faith, led to their merger with us as they were defeated in the event.

It was during the BFF, that RomBurns finally stood down after 4 years of leadership. Xeeron stepped into the job as fearless overseer. Under his leadership, SF were runners-up in the 2003 10-30 Christmas Event (to FA), and third in the 2004 NSW League. SF played Magestorm until its final shutdown in January 2006, with a severely scaled back roster. We took part in the informal ladder until Guild Wars release, taking the top spot from LoH in early 2005. Only our relative retirement from Magestorm in April 2005 allowed others to compete for it.

Guild Wars

2004 - 2011

In around April 2004, we began to become aware of a new game on the horizon called Guild Wars. We're a guild, and we've been warring for quite a while, so naturally many of us were curious, from its name alone. What we found during that E3FA event was a game that was very compatible with our style of gameplay, tactical combat is something we relish. It has been unsurprising therefore that a good turnout of people representing SF made its presence felt in the BWE's. We continue to follow the ideals set up from the start. Have fun, but remain competitive. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but hell, we love winning.


2005 was a mixed bag overall for SF. Our success in Guild Wars was very rapid. By the time of the final BWE, we were an established and successful top 20 guild. For a time into release, this success continued. Our successful play culminated in May with our participation in Arenanet's "Beat the Devs" contest - where we managed to "go the distance" against a team of developers playing on the floor at E3. It was unfortunate that we weren't given the time to get our win, as we were undoubtedly on the verge of doing so before the Dev Guild pulled out for time.


RomBurns resumed leadership of SF in July 2005.  This transitioned to Jedbacca in 2006 as GM of SF.

It has been sad that our success has been limited since, as we quickly fell out of the top 100, and descended into obscurity. Various reasons contributed to it, none of which are really important to what we wish to do in the future. To get back to where we were. Many of us are determined and spurred on by our historical success. We will be back. Indeed, we have recently taken on many new members, and our drive to return to the ladder remains as spirited as it always has.

Outside of the game, we all maintain a great friendship. In April 2006 a total of 11 members were involved in our first ever true guild meet up, in Orlando Florida. Two weeks of insane madness that I'm sure most of us will never forget as a truly great experience. This was followed up the next year in Orlando with a majority of the same group but we suffered a dear loss when Brandon Riggs (Bugatow) was tragically killed in a car accident. He was a huge piece of Strike Force and overall just a great person and will be truly missed. We had a small get together in Chicago in 2008 which would serve as the last of the core Guild Wars group as many members needed a break or grew tired of the game.

In 2009, the guild went under new management within Guildwars, which is/was our prominent game that members are connected to on a single roster. The new management wasn't technically new, new, but a fresh set of eyes on the scene. Amy was the GM for the GW roster running players through dungeon runs practically having people beg to get on her teams due to her leading capabilities as a GM and skilled player in those aspects.

We did experience some downtime in GW after players experiencing GW burnout, this was weighing heavily on members, which is fine, every roster goes through it. We also had the development of the PvP team in GW that was in full effect that year, Hoschi had taken over as a fine GM for the competitive roster. Hoschi was very clear on what his expectations were for the team and followed through even with rough times and limited resources to get him going. Hoschi as a GM for that roster gets a round of applause for leading and dealing with the stresses that come with the role of a competitive roster.

During this year we had a lot of development and revamping talk and implementation as a guild. We had the addition of more TF2, Left 4 Dead, Aion, World of Warcraft, Diablo 2 gameplay. That just lists the quick spectrum of what players have been involved in. By the end of December and opening of the new year, the WoW roster is going more official and having a Strike Force branded PvP team that is looking for going for high rank. The captain of the PvP portion of the team has been announced as Standerd (Kyle). The GM/AGM combination for the game that has been announced is Standerd/Yarg (Kyle/Ben). Dan's projects throughout the year were to implement steam servers as a test to grow the SF population in other games, these implementations were to test and see what types of people we could be able to add to our community of SF. Another big project during this year was the LC putting together and working on the implementation on how we run SF as a whole. We want to become more diverse to expand the team into different games and be more lenient on how our roster works to make the jobs of our own Game Managers that much easier.

We did have a couple of downfalls as well, but who doesn't right? City of Villains/Heroes as a roster was implemented for a short stint through this year. We also had periods or lulls in our GW roster activity, which has now just gone to the development of the weekend warrior program. The "program" was developed so that a lot of the older members/players can just get together and run GvG's non-competitively and still show that we have a face in GW. We also weren't able to essentially pull what we wanted out of the Steam crowd either, this is in reference to the possibilities of recruitment. Yet, we never went official within any of the steam games and had a guild/team setup that was dedicated. Although there may be a little negative, we generally were able to pull some good notes and positive from our experiences as a team.

As if we couldn't get enough of get togethers, another was held in 2010 thanks to Becca and Jeff. We all got to meet up at Texas De Brazil, the steakhouse in Shaumberg, IL. I hope I spelled that right. The turnout was quite nice, we had roughly 9 members at the dinner. Quite personally, I think this guild LOVES the sausage, especially when one of the main meetup spots to stop at was The Brat Stop! We had also figured that we will no longer let IV (Scott) pick out restaurants to eat at. We had the lovely graces of Xeeron coming into the states as well for a period of time and for dinner we got the lovely crappy service of the Italian restaurant that Scotty picked out >:). It's O.K. Scott, you are still loved like a red headed step child. I'd also like to mention that we did celebrate 10 years as a guild, congrats to us on 10 years as a community and team and being able to grow into a fine dysfunctional family.

2010 saw a core group of the members playing League of Legends with Fix leading the current Guild Wars team as well as Dan having a small team in Rift. This carried into 2011 until the announcement of a Magestorm revival project was announced in November. With the game slowly gaining steam again with all the old members returning, the old group we had in the early 2000s, as well as some new faces, ran on a nostalgia train into early 2012. This was the most active the guild had been in quite some time and playing the game that it was mainly founded on made it that much better. A small league was held for a few months which kept activity high. The game slowly lost players due to loss of interest.

Guild Wars 2

Since 2012

The guild slowly separated again until an announcement for Guild Wars 2 beta and the release of Diablo 3. Diablo 3 was a great way for re-rallying us together. We joined an alliance with [Evil], War Machine [WM], Amazon Basin [AB] and many others on Stormbluff Isle. This proved to be quite successful and kept us in the top tier for the rest of 2012. We began to lose a good amount of guilds from the alliance as some guilds lost interest in the game and others were switching servers to keep their competitive interests fresh. War Machine finally cracked from the over abundance of trolling thrown their way and left the alliance as Stormbluff Isle began falling apart. Arenanet announced that transferring servers would cost a fee beginning mid January so we decided to pack our bags and left for Jade Quarry as it was the last opportune chance to get all our members to a different server for free. 

At this point, we were one of the biggest guilds during the NA time zone supporting a 300+ active roster, winning our 1st GvG against [Agg] and having one of the most entertaining channels during Friday resets. This would continue until the summer of 2013 as the roster eclipsed 400 members and finally got too big for its own good. Jed became burnt out from commanding too often which forced us to lean strongly on Ravanaz, Vic and Cue Queue as our trio of commanders. Cue Queue wasn't content with our current talent and left for greener pastures. Being very short on commanders but not on players, some would give it a try to fill the void. Lethal and Burt Reynolds both gave it a shot but to no avail as the void was mainly still filled by Vic and Ravanaz.

By the end of the summer of 2013, the roster would shrink to around 300 members and we slowly became more casual with guild missions taking a prominent role in our schedule. Vic would eventually take a break from the game at the same exact time we were hit with an influx of guild mergers in DA and EMP. Decisive G would reacquaint us with the GvG scene that we hadn't been a part of since February of 2013 as well as becoming a main commander for us during the the remainder of 2013. He would later leave to join a more GvG focused guild. Sobe and Amentaa from the EMP merger began leading for us for awhile until we recruited a commander from planet Mars named Lectel. Lectel's commanding style and personality were so unique at the time that it brought in an influx of new members on top of the recent mergers and he carried a large part of the guild until the spring of 2014. This was also around the same time we had our SF Vegas meetup which had around 10 of us trashed in Vegas which was a ton of fun. 

One of the mothership guilds (HzH) on Jade Quarry began slowly merging with us which brought us a powerful commander in Morb. Around the same time, we also picked up a very young commander in Trembles. This duo became our main commanders for a large part of the spring and summer of 2014. Due to Jed still being on and off with his availability, Morb became the face of the guild for the rest of 2014 and the trio of Lectel, Trembles and Morb kept the guild entertained and actively kicking ass. Trembles immaturity and Lectels racist tendencies would eventually get the best of both of them and they were both bounced from the guild. The transition from 2014 to 2015 was in the hands of a unique commander in Zivt who filled the void with his positive attitude and more strategic focus on ppt vs open field.

It wouldn't be a fall season in Guild Wars 2 without a memorable merger! We picked up QT and their knowledge and latest meta builds propelled us from average to a kick ass wrecking ball through the winter of 2015. We got back into the GvG scene and unfortunately still struggled to really make a mark with the big dogs. Just like all our GvG focused runs, it divided a portion of the guild and we slowly pulled out of the scene for the 4th time.

After a long absence, Vic made a comeback giving us our strongest commanding quartet to date in Jed, Morb, Vic and Zivt. This would stay the same until the mid-spring of 2015 where Morb would part ways with us to give a guild of his own a try. (nim)  After the guild split, we were sitting at around 200 members and the commanding of Jed, Vic and the revival of Ravanaz. A weird deja vu from our early 2013 days! This would be added to by another trio of commanders who have been with us forever as members but wanted to give commanding a try in Thorton, Wigglez and Klow. In August, the guild had its 1st get together in Princeton, Wisconsin which saw around 10 members meetup for beer, brats and jet skis. The roster would sit around 130 - 140 and game activity was low until the release of Heart of Thorns.   

The Heart of Thorns expansion finally made its debut in late 2015. Along with a brand new expansion and our very own guild hall, we introduced a brand new GM. Jed had lost interest and time in the game and handed the reigns to the outrageous and dangerous duo of Thorton and Klow. Both were up and coming commanders that brought a fresh reboot to the guild with a jolt of entertaining reset nights and a revamped meta put together by long time member Taygeta. Things didn't start the best though. The roster teetered near 110 members and rallies were the equivalent of an empty bingo hall. Fearing the experiment was a bust, Thorton and Klow both increased their WvW rally days and SF private raids took a backseat to the old style of commanding with the Jade Quarry members. This would reap benefits over the course of early 2016 as both Thorton and Klow improved drastically with their WvW commanding as well as getting the SF name back out to the server. By mid-2016, the roster had increased by 30 members and rallies were seeing close to 20 - 30 SF members. A big piece of this coming from the guild merger of SG as well as former members returning. In June, Jed would officially step down as the long time Monday commander leaving Thorton, Klow, Xeeron and SG newcomer Coglin as our front four. In late August, SF set a world record for being the only guild to meetup in Wisconsin not once, but twice! The guild coasted until the end of the year, but not before adding an additional commander in the young and talented Nick. This year was closed off by yet another fall merger with a portion of Evil. 

With the start of 2017 and 1 full year of leadership under their belt, Thorton and Klow had a full steam ahead mentality with the guild and rallies were steady with around 25 - 30 members. Our latest commander Nick, needed a break from the game and in stepped Vyro who would lead several raids over the spring season. While still being just slightly under the top tier competitive guilds, the GvG scene was gaining steam again and with our competitive drive back at it, we would make a splash for the 5th time over the course of the year. We started off well with wins against TM, CF, BGA and ONS while also having early losses with BnR and BOO. Our GvG squad got a big boost with DKLT taking a hiatus and us picking up about 10 or so members still looking to stay active. The biggest pick up coming in the form of Nal who also commanded quite often over the summer. We followed up with big wins against BOO, TDS and RISE before closing out with losses against Agg and TDS. By this point, our rallies were hitting an insane 50 people for reset and arguably having the largest challenging guild to fight open field rivaling KnT and RISE. We finished the stint with a 10 - 6 record, our best of the 5 attempts at the GvG scene. 

The Path of Fire expansion would release in late September bringing in some fresh content as well as a much needed change to the stale meta existing in WvW. The stability of the guild was very strong at this point with rallies staying over 30+ and the unlocking of our brand new guild hall. Thorton and Klow would still hold the main commading duties with Vyro and Nal filling in sparingly. With both leaders hitting the 2 year mark leading in January of 2018, tensions resulting from burnout and working together for a long period of time were taking a toll and Klow would step down from GM in March on good terms. The void would be filled by Vyro as both he and Thorton would split the GM role over the spring accompanied by a new batch of commanders in Shaka, Sky and Haiku and the continued presence of Nal. Our performance in rallies was slightly decreasing as meta comps were shifting and we weren't handling the losses very well. This wasn't helped by tensions building with members not meshing with the new GM duo and attitude shifts forced an abrupt change. It finally boiled over in late spring with Vyro being forced to step down and Thorton going it solo. Nal and Haiku would have elevated roles in commanding as Thorton and the two would carry the load through a large portion of the summer. Another SF meetup would occur in North Carolina ending the drought that occurred the previous year. It would be 2nd meet up in North Carolina with the first happening all the way back in 2004! Alliance talk started gaining more steam in the mid summer as a lot of guilds were shuffling around pre planning for what many speculate will be a release in late 2018/early 2019. With Jady Quarry feeling as stale as ever and our 5+ year run hitting a dead end on population and morale, it only took 6 times times to pass vote but it finally succeeded with a 95% approval and we finally took the plunge to Sanctum of Roll in late July. A large handful of guilds would join us from JQ as well closing out a long and tiring chapter from the JQ family. The SoR move in the beginning proved concerning as queues were very long and tensions between guilds increased with not being able to play. This would slowly dissolve with SoR being moved to hosting its own link along side a much smaller IoJ. In search of a more competitive and streamlined approach, Nal would leave the guild along with a small handful of others seeking the same goal. Filling the void would be the returning Klow marking the trio of Thorton, Haiku and Klow closing out the end of the summer.

In the early fall, we were presented with the idea of merging one of the larger guilds in the game into SF with [CALM]. A newer powerhouse guild on the same server that we had ran with for about a year. They had the numbers on their own, but were looking to dissolve the leadership struggles of maintaining a larger guild and merge their talents into us. This would double our population as well bring in a lot of younger talent as we were still struggling from the [PMA] split a few months earlier. Kiyoshi was the current leader of [CALM] prior to the merger. He would continue his commander role giving SF another strong presence on the battlefield.

After 2 years of leadership, Thorton had finally had enough and stepped down in the fall of 2018. To continue the duo GM combo, Klow would be joined by Kiyoshi of the recent [CALM] merger as the combo going forward. The guild would spend the remainder of the year and early 2019 trying to build chemistry with the CALM members on commanding style and party cohesion. This would finally be put to the test in the spring of 2019 with SF entering the 2019 NA GvG Tournament. With little expectations going in, we were able to squeeze wins over [MM] 4-3 and [Hate] 4-0 before falling to [BOO] 4-0 in the elimination round. The guild would decrease in size over the spring and summer and a handful of members were exiting the game due to a lack of new content. Kiyoshi would step down from his GM role due to interest in the game as well as not enjoying the leadership aspect anymore. Klow also stepped down a month later leaving the guild in limbo on if it should call it quits or piece together a new council to push forward. The guild voted to continue pushing on giving the reigns to Legoh and Mad as the new GM’s of Strike Force in the mid summer of 2019. After a few weeks of new leadership and some new energy reengaging the guild, buzz would pick and recruitment would increase pushing rallies from 10-20 to 20-40. Vova and a returning Kiyoshi and Thorton would also assist in commanding duties taking off some of the pressure from Legoh entering the fall. (More History Pending)



After nearly 14 years, we made our 1st attempt into the deep waters of being a multi-game guild. The Tera experiment, unfortunately, didn't hit its full stride as internal drama resulted in a splinted roster and early exit from the game. Zazu and Troy. 

Black Desert Online

2016 - 2018

BDO is our 2nd attempt at being a multi-game guild as a small portion of the Guild Wars 2 crew and old faces who disappeared for awhile have teamed up to bring the Strike Force name to a brand new game. The roster is hovering around 25 and the team has successfully won several node wars.

This would be our 3rd attempt at being a multi game guild. Unlike the previous 2 attempts, this is more casual with the focus on dungeon raids and not PvP focused. We would see a small split in the summer of 2019 due to leadership disagreements, but the group is still active as of September of 2019. (More History Pending)


Since 2017